Women's Jackets

The Dalsarto Women's Jackets collection embodies elegance and refinement with a contemporary look. Each garment is studied in detail, offering trendy designs and high quality materials. Dalsarto stands out for a versatile range, which ranges from formal jackets to more casual and fashionable options. Whether you're looking for outerwear for a special occasion or a classy everyday look, our collection promises to meet the needs of the modern woman. With Dalsarto, express your uniqueness through impeccable style at all times.


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Giacca Donna Prugna HopsackGiacca Donna Prugna Hopsack
Giacca Donna Prugna Hopsack Sale price€1.750,00
Giacca Doppiopetto Hopsack BluGiacca Doppiopetto Hopsack Blu
Giacca Doppiopetto Hopsack Blu Sale price€1.750,00
GIacca Sportiva DonnaGIacca Sportiva Donna
GIacca Sportiva Donna Sale price€1.750,00
Giacca Modernico Donna RossaGiacca Modernico Donna Rossa
Giacca Modernico Donna Rossa Sale price€1.750,00
Modern Blue JacketModern Blue Jacket
Modern Blue Jacket Sale price€1.750,00
Brown Double-Breasted Women's JacketBrown Double-Breasted Women's Jacket
Pink Tuxedo JacketPink Tuxedo Jacket
Pink Tuxedo Jacket Sale price€2.100,00
Double-breasted Blue Herringbone BlazerDouble-breasted Blue Herringbone Blazer
Blue Satin BlazerBlue Satin Blazer
Blue Satin Blazer Sale price€1.750,00
Dark Blue Double-Breasted BlazerDark Blue Double-Breasted Blazer
Dark Blue Double-Breasted Blazer Sale price€1.750,00
Orange Double-Breasted BlazerOrange Double-Breasted Blazer
Orange Double-Breasted Blazer Sale price€1.750,00
Modern Beige BlazerModern Beige Blazer
Modern Beige Blazer Sale price€1.750,00
Double-breasted Blue Checked BlazerDouble-breasted Blue Checked Blazer
Modernico Green BlazerModernico Green Blazer
Modernico Green Blazer Sale price€2.500,00
Bernini Woman Avion JacketBernini Woman Avion Jacket
Bernini Woman Avion Jacket Sale price€2.500,00
Modernico Woman Blue JacketModernico Woman Blue Jacket
Modernico Woman Blue Jacket Sale price€1.750,00