Blue Bellini Shirt in Linen

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The Bellini Light Blue Linen Shirt is the ideal choice for those looking for a refined and comfortable casual garment. Perfect for informal occasions, this shirt combines elegance and freshness thanks to the use of high-quality linen, making it indispensable for your summer wardrobe.

Characteristics of the Bellini Light Blue Linen Shirt

  • Casual Style: Ideal for informal occasions, this shirt offers a relaxed yet elegant look.
  • Italian collar: The Italian collar adds a touch of refinement, making the shirt also suitable for casual chic situations.
  • White Buttons: The white buttons create an elegant contrast with the light blue fabric, enhancing the freshness of the linen.
  • Customer's initials: Possibility to personalize the shirt with your own initials, for a unique and distinctive detail.
  • Classic Wrist: The classic wrist guarantees a traditional and versatile look, perfect for any informal occasion.
  • Exposed Spout: The exposed spout adds an element of modernity and style to the shirt design.
  • Light Blue Linen Fabric: Made from high quality linen, this shirt offers excellent breathability and superior comfort, ideal for warmer days.

The Bellini Light Blue Linen Shirt is the embodiment of simplicity and class, perfect for those who want a casual look but with attention to detail. Add a touch of elegance and freshness to your outfit with this exclusive shirt, ideal for your summer days and informal occasions.

Size: 35