Bellini Brown Shirt

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Bellini Brown Shirt: Casual Elegance with Style

The Bellini Brown Shirt is the ideal choice for those who want a refined and distinctive casual look.

Main features:

  • Italian Collar: The elegant Italian collar design adds a touch of class to your casual outfit, perfect for any casual occasion.
  • Customer Initials: Personalize your shirt with your initials, for a touch of exclusivity and individuality in your everyday style.
  • Classic Wrist: The classic wrist offers a comfortable and versatile fit, suitable for any casual context.
  • Uncovered Cannello: High quality sartorial detail, the exposed cannello underlines the attention to detail and care in the production of the shirt.
  • Exposed Buttons: Exposed buttons add an element of modernity and functionality, maintaining a sophisticated appearance.

Made from a high quality brown linen fabric, this shirt ensures comfort and freshness, ideal for a casual yet elegant look.

Choose the Bellini Brown Shirt to express your impeccable style and confidence even on the most informal occasions.

Size: 35