Men's Pants

The Dalsarto Men's Pants collection embodies style and comfort for the modern man. Each pair is carefully designed to offer a balance between elegance and practicality, using high-quality materials and thoughtful details. Dalsarto stands out for its versatile range, which includes formal trousers and contemporary casual options. Whether you're looking for a professional look or trendy everyday wear, our collection promises to meet every man's needs. With Dalsarto, wear your confidence in style on every occasion.


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Borromini Navy pantsBorromini Navy pants
Borromini Navy pants Sale price€750,00
Pink Borromini PantsPink Borromini Pants
Pink Borromini Pants Sale price€750,00
Da Vinci Tuxedo PantsDa Vinci Tuxedo Pants
Da Vinci Tuxedo Pants Sale price€750,00
Borromini Pants with blue velvet bandBorromini Pants with blue velvet band
Botticelli Green PantsBotticelli Green Pants
Botticelli Green Pants Sale price€750,00
Milk White Gurkha PantsMilk White Gurkha Pants
Milk White Gurkha Pants Sale price€750,00
Tiziano Light Gray PantsTiziano Light Gray Pants
Tiziano Light Gray Pants Sale price€750,00
Trousers with Blue LacesTrousers with Blue Laces
Trousers with Blue Laces Sale price€750,00
Tiziano Light Gray Pants Tiziano Light Gray Pants
Tiziano Light Gray Pants Sale price€750,00
Tiziano Casual Beige TrousersTiziano Casual Beige Trousers
Tiziano Casual Beige Trousers Sale price€750,00
Light Gray Sportive PantsLight Gray Sportive Pants
Light Gray Sportive Pants Sale price€750,00
Tiziano Blue Herringbone PantsTiziano Blue Herringbone Pants
Tiziano Blue Herringbone Pants Sale price€750,00
Tiziano Ash Gray Pants with Red ChecksTiziano Ash Gray Pants with Red Checks
Tiziano Jacquard Black PantsTiziano Jacquard Black Pants
Tiziano Jacquard Black Pants Sale price€750,00
Sanzio Gray PantsSanzio Gray Pants
Sanzio Gray Pants Sale price€750,00
Borromini Dark Blue PantsBorromini Dark Blue Pants
Borromini Dark Blue Pants Sale price€750,00
Gray Smoke of London Borromini PantsGray Smoke of London Borromini Pants
Tiziano Forest Green Flannel PantsTiziano Forest Green Flannel Pants
Da Vinci Blue PantsDa Vinci Blue Pants
Da Vinci Blue Pants Sale price€750,00
Midnight Blue Tiziano PantsMidnight Blue Tiziano Pants
Midnight Blue Tiziano Pants Sale price€750,00
Sanzio Beige PantsSanzio Beige Pants
Sanzio Beige Pants Sale price€750,00
White JeansWhite Jeans
White Jeans Sale price€750,00
Tiziano Deep Blue Tuxedo PantsTiziano Deep Blue Tuxedo Pants
Tiziano Deep Blue Tuxedo Pants Sale price€900,00
Tiziano Gray Glencheck PantsTiziano Gray Glencheck Pants
Tiziano Gray Glencheck Pants Sale price€750,00