Leone's tale

We tell you

A family story

The roots

Three generations in textiles

The history of Dalsarto starts from afar, from the draper's grandfather who was able to pass on his passion for prestigious fabrics and their secrets to his children and grandchildren.

It is from this handover that this story of love and respect for quality products begins.

The new beginning

Craftsmanship and progress

The foundation of Dalsarto started with a precise objective: to give classic tailoring a modern connotation, enhancing its tradition and ancient techniques, and at the same time innovating it in its processes, product characteristics and models.

Present and future

Dalsarto in the world

Today Dalsarto is a consolidated reality in Roman and Italian tailoring. It is among the most reviewed tailors in Italy and serves remote and visiting customers on all five continents .

The clientele

Who chooses us

We pride ourselves on dressing men of taste and elegance, attentive to detail and, like us, curious to experiment.

We are also proudly chosen by numerous world-class personalities, including heads of state, members of numerous royal families, sports personalities in Italy and around the world, and well-known entrepreneurial and professional figures.

The faces behind Dalsarto

The founders

Leo, the face

He is the creator and main face of Dalsarto, as well as the person you can rely on for the creation of the garment of your dreams.

He followed Dalsarto in different stages from its foundation bringing it to the consolidated reality it is today.

Alfredo, behind the scenes

He is responsible for the product, from receiving the order to delivery.

He deals with the digital transformation of Dalsarto and is the author of this site.

The staff

Behind an exceptional product there is always an exceptional team.

Customer Care

Our team is always available to assist the customer at all times, from the first interest to post-purchase. We have only one goal in mind, to fully satisfy you.

The Artisans

Our team of craftsmen is at your service to create a perfect garment for you in every detail and finish. Each garment is individually inspected and is extraordinarily unique.

The Partners

Dalsarto collaborates daily with a set of essential partners for the success of the service provided to customers, including: wool mills, button mills, cotton mills, local artisans, express logistics services.

Come and visit us

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