Bernini Three-Piece Navy Blue Suit

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Bernini Three-Piece Navy Blue Suit: Versatile Elegance for Every Occasion

The Navy Blue Bernini Three-Piece Suit is the quintessence of versatile elegance, suitable for formals, ceremonies and business contexts. With peak lapels, flap pockets, air force blue lining and single-breasted waistcoat, this garment expresses refinement and adaptability in every detail.

Distinguishing features:

  • Versatility of Use: Perfect for a range of occasions, the Bernini suit is the emblem of adaptable elegance, ensuring an impeccable look in formal events, ceremonies and business contexts.
  • Peak Lapel: The peak lapel gives a touch of modernity and refinement, creating a balance between tradition and contemporary style.
  • Flap Pockets: Flap pockets add a classic and functional detail, combining practicality and aesthetics in a single elegant solution.
  • Air Force Blue Lining: The air force blue internal lining adds a touch of freshness and originality, completing the look with a modern and distinctive spirit.
  • Single-breasted waistcoat: The single-breasted waistcoat completes the ensemble with sobriety and class, enriching the look with a touch of refinement.
  • Refined Navy Wool Fabric: Crafted from high-quality navy wool fabric, the suit offers comfort, durability and timeless style, lending timeless elegance.

Express yourself with style in every context: Choose the Navy Blue Bernini Three-Piece Suit for an elegance that adapts to every nuance of your life. Every detail, from the lining to the construction of the vest, reflects superior quality and attention to aesthetics. Enter the scene with confidence and style wearing Bernini.

Size: 44

The Bernini jacket

The Bernini model is the perfect choice par excellence. With two front buttons and a 11.5cm wide peak lapel, it is the definition of sobriety and elegance in a product.

Hand lapel buttonhole

Handmade buttonholes are an element we are particularly proud of. The quality of our handwork is world class .

Lightweight shoulder pad

Our garments all have a light shoulder strap , sufficiently structured to give solidity to the garment, light enough to guarantee adequate mobility.

The shoulder straps can be modified according to needs.

Two front buttons

The two-button front cut is generally considered the most versatile and suitable for a wider age range, also given the more modern look it gives to the garment.

Lily stitching

This model uses lily stitching , a type of stitching that can be done exclusively by hand , to guarantee the craftsmanship of the product.