Giotto Suit Dark Gray Anthracite

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Giotto Dark Gray Anthracite Suit: Timeless Business Elegance

The Giotto Dark Gray Anthracite Suit is the masterpiece of elegance for the modern professional. Designed for the daytime business environment, this ensemble embodies classic and refined style.

  • Distinct Design: With notch lapel and flap pockets, enriched by two buttons that precisely define the silhouette, this suit gives a touch of prestige to every work occasion.
  • High Quality Fabric: Crafted from premium charcoal dark gray wool, this suit offers an excellent combination of comfort and sophistication. Its craftsmanship ensures durability and a feeling of luxury.
  • Versatility and Style: Wearing the Giotto Dark Gray Anthracite Suit means conveying confidence and style in every professional situation. Perfect for meetings, business meetings or days at the office, this ensemble is an ideal option for the modern professional.
Elevate your professional style with the Giotto Dark Gray Anthracite Suit, a high-end option for your business wardrobe. With its sophisticated design and premium fabric, this ensemble will accompany you with class and confidence at every moment of your career.
Size: 44

The Giotto jacket

The Giotto model is what can be defined as a timeless classic . The 10 cm classic lapel and the classic two-button front cut make this model a true must-have for tailoring all over the world.

Hand lapel buttonhole

Handmade buttonholes are an element we are particularly proud of. The quality of our handwork is world class .

Lightweight shoulder pad

Our garments all have a light shoulder strap , sufficiently structured to give solidity to the garment, light enough to guarantee adequate mobility.

The shoulder straps can be modified according to needs.

Two front buttons

The two-button front cut is generally considered the most versatile and suitable for a wider age range, also given the more modern look it gives to the garment.

Lily stitching

This model uses lily stitching , a type of stitching that can be done exclusively by hand , to guarantee the craftsmanship of the product.

Giotto Suit Dark Gray Anthracite