Bellini Navy Shirt

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Bellini Navy Shirt: Professional Elegance for the Business Environment

The Bellini Navy Shirt embodies the refined and professional style required in the workplace. With thoughtful details and high-quality materials, this shirt is the ideal choice for those looking for an impeccable and distinguished look.

Main features:
  • Business Design: Designed for professional use, the Bellini Navy Shirt offers an elegant and sophisticated style suitable for any work context.
  • Italian Collar: The Italian collar adds a touch of class and distinction, giving the shirt a refined look.
  • High Quality White Buttons: The white buttons complement the clean aesthetic of the shirt, while ensuring a secure and reliable closure.
  • Personalized Customer Initials: The customer's initials give a touch of exclusivity and customization, making each shirt unique and distinctive.
  • Classic Wrist for a Refined Style: The classic wrist adds a touch of elegance and tradition, completing the look with style and distinction.
  • Exposed Staple Detail: The exposed stem highlights the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship of the shirt, adding a distinctive touch.
  • High Quality Cotton Wanded Navy Fabric: Made with high quality cotton wanded navy fabric, this shirt offers comfort and breathability, ensuring freshness and style in every situation.
The Bellini Navy Shirt is the perfect choice for the modern professional looking for an impeccable and sophisticated look. With careful details and fine materials, this shirt stands out for its timeless elegance and versatility
Size: 35