Pastel Pink Bellini Shirt

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 Pastel Pink Bellini Shirt: Business Elegance with Refinement

The Pastel Pink Bellini Shirt embodies impeccable and professional style for the business environment.

Main features:

  • Italian Collar: The refined design of the Italian collar adds a touch of timeless class.
  • Customer Initials: Personalize your shirt with your initials, giving it a touch of exclusivity.
  • Classic Wrist: The classic wrist offers a comfortable fit and elegant appearance.
  • Uncovered Spout: The exposed spout underlines the artisanal quality of the shirt.
  • Exposed Buttons: Exposed buttons add a modern touch to the traditional design.

Made from an high-quality pink cotton fabric, this shirt provides comfort and style for a flawless professional look.

Size: 35