Light Gray Coat

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This coat in its essentiality and elegance has many particularities, that of the stitching on the chest, the hand-stitched pocket stitching and the puff on the back.

The model is a six-button double-breasted coat, it has a very wide lapel also called "Napoleonic", side flap pockets and mother-of-pearl buttons.

The inner lining is very particular, and highlights the smallest details.

Cut it: 44

The Napoleon Coat

The Napoleone coat is an extremely sophisticated product, full of details that make it one of Dalsarto's most studied and sought-after products.

Suitable for casual even daily use, it is perfect for those who love complex and unique products that are difficult to find around.

The bottom of the sleeve

The bottom of the sleeve features a button and mini martingale, and has a mainly aesthetic function. On the reverse side of the mini martingale there is a reference to the internal lining of the jacket.

Rever Napoleon

Rever Napoleon takes this name for the strong character he brings with him. The peculiarity of this lapel is that it can be used with the collar raised or lowered depending on personal taste.

Dorsal gusset

The gusset on the back of the coat has an aesthetic but also functional function, in fact, it opens to accommodate the movements of the person wearing the coat, thus making use comfortable on multiple occasions.

The pockets

The pockets have vertical "diamond" flaps with button. Extremely refined and suitable for a casual garment like this.