Double-breasted Pearl Gray Waistcoat

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Double-Breasted Gray Waistcoat: Business Sophistication

The Double-Breasted Gray Waistcoat is the ideal choice for a sophisticated look. Designed for the man who aims for elegance, this garment combines style and functionality, ensuring an impeccable presence in any context.

Main features:

  • Elegant Design: Four double-breasted buttons with shawl lapel for a classic and refined look.
  • V-neck: Enhances the shirt underneath and offers an elegant fit.
  • Classy Details : pockets, for a touch of style and discreet functionality.
  • Fine Fabric : Made with gray fabric, it guarantees comfort, resistance and an always refined appearance.
  • Versatility : The gray shade easily combines with different shirts and ties, allowing you to create always new and sophisticated looks.
  • Ceremony use: Perfect for ceremonies and events.

Choose the Double-Breasted Gray Waistcoat to convey an image of competence and confidence. This garment represents the ideal choice for those looking for elegance and practicality in a single product.

Size: 42