Borromini Green Velvet Pants

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The Borromini Green Velvet Pants are a sophisticated and classy option for ceremonial occasions, designed to stand out with timeless elegance and style. With refined details and fine materials, this garment offers comfort and refinement for an impeccable look at every important event.

Main features:

  • Pull tab: The trousers are equipped with a pull tab that guarantees a secure and comfortable fit, maintaining a clean line without belt loops for an elegant and refined appearance.
  • Covered Closure: The covered closure gives the garment a sophisticated and timeless look, avoiding annoying visible buttons and maintaining an elegant and discreet look.
  • Without Belt Loops: Designed without belt loops, these trousers offer a clean, minimal silhouette, perfect for a flawless, distraction-free ceremonial image.
  • One Pleat: Features one pleat at the front, adding structure and definition to the fit for a streamlined, refined silhouette that is perfectly suited to formal occasions.
  • Dark Green Velvet Fabric: Made with a luxurious dark green velvet fabric, these trousers offer unparalleled elegance and a touch of sophistication that stands out on the most exclusive ceremonial occasions.

Versatility and Functionality: The Borromini Green Velvet Trousers are ideal for ceremonies and formal events, offering a perfect mix of style and comfort. Thanks to its versatility, it can be paired with coordinated jackets and accessories to create distinctive and classy outfits for any special occasion..

Size: 44