Tiziano Gray Glencheck Pants

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The Tiziano Gray Glencheck Pants represent elegance and professionalism in the business context. With a sophisticated design and fine materials, this garment offers a distinctive and refined look, perfect for the working environment.

Main Features:

  • Mother of Pearl Button Front: The pants are embellished with a mother of pearl button front, which adds a touch of luxury and distinction, ensuring a unique and refined detail.
  • No Belt Loops: Designed without belt loops, these trousers offer a clean and minimalist silhouette, ideal for a professional and well-groomed look.
  • Side Pull: The integrated side pull ensures a secure and personalized fit, allowing you to maintain an elegant appearance without the use of a belt.
  • One Dart: It features a dart on the front, which adds structure and definition to the fit, ensuring an elegant and professional silhouette.
  • Grey Glencheck Fabric: Crafted from a high-quality grey Glencheck fabric, these trousers offer a sophisticated and timeless look, perfect for any business environment.
  • Versatility and Functionality: The Tiziano Grey Glencheck Pants are ideal for wearing in work contexts, offering a perfect mix of style and functionality. Its versatility allows you to easily match it with shirts, jackets and accessories to create elegant and professional outfits for every work occasion.
Size: 44