White Bow Tie

Sale price€150,00

The White Satin Bow Tie is the perfect accessory for those who want a refined and distinctive look on special occasions. Ideal for ceremonies and formal events, this bow tie combines elegance and sophistication, adding a touch of class to any outfit.

Main features:

  • Indication for Ceremony Use: Perfect for weddings, galas, and other formal occasions, the White Satin Bow Tie is designed for those looking for an elegant and timeless accessory.
  • Made of White Satin: The superior quality of white satin gives the bow tie exceptional shine and softness, making it an impeccable style detail.

Versatility and Functionality: The White Satin Bow Tie is incredibly versatile, pairing perfectly with tuxedos, tailcoats and elegant suits. Its neutral and sophisticated shade makes it ideal for any color palette, guaranteeing a refined and coordinated look. The White Satin Bow Tie is the essential accessory for those who want to stand out with elegance on the most formal occasions. With an impeccable design and high-quality material, this bow tie is the perfect choice for a ceremonial look that won't go unnoticed