Black Caravaggio Tuxedo with Velvet

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Caravaggio Black Tuxedo with Velvet: The Excellence of Luxury for Your Ceremonial Occasions

Reveal your distinctive and refined style with the Caravaggio Black Tuxedo with Velvet, an icon of timeless elegance perfect for your most exclusive ceremonies. This sartorial masterpiece embodies the pinnacle of luxury and class, ensuring an unforgettable impression at any special event.

Prestigious Details:

  • Square Shawl Jacket with Black Velvet: The jacket has a very particular and wide square shawl lapel, embellished with black velvet which gives a touch of unrivaled refinement. Welt pockets and a velvet button complete the sophisticated, timeless look.
  • Trousers with Two Pleats: The trousers, equipped with two pleats, offer an impeccable fit and effortless elegance, ensuring comfort and style throughout the ceremony.
  • Covered Closure with Velvet Band: The covered closure with velvet band adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the ensemble, completing the look with a classy detail.

Made with the highest quality black fabric, this tuxedo is the symbol of perfect craftsmanship and sartorial mastery, ensuring an impeccable presence on every ceremonial occasion.

Choose the Caravaggio Black Tuxedo with Velvet for timeless elegance that stands out for class and refinement. With this sartorial masterpiece, you'll be sure to make an unforgettable style statement at any special event.

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