Blue Michelangelo Tuxedo with Black Satin Lapel

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The tuxedo jacket, together with the bow tie, are the most characterizing elements of this type of elegant men's suit.

In the photo, our "Michelangelo" Model Tuxedo, with peak lapels, welt pockets, strictly one covered button and four buttons on the sleeves.

The fabric is Blue, while the color of the Rever and the details is in Black Satin.

The "Tiziano" trousers have belt loops, a zip fastening, a covered button and welt pockets. The main feature is the black satin side band.

The vest is single-breasted with a four-button "U" neckline.

Size Jacket and Waistcoat: 44

The Michelangelo tuxedo

The Michelangelo tuxedo is the most classic and elegant version of the tuxedo. Made with a button front, peak lapels and jetted pockets, all lined in satin, this product is the essential for gala evenings.

Hand lapel buttonhole

Handmade buttonholes are an element we are particularly proud of. The quality of our handwork is world class .

Lightweight shoulder pad

Our garments all have a light shoulder strap , sufficiently structured to give solidity to the garment, light enough to guarantee adequate mobility.

The shoulder straps can be modified according to needs.

One front button

The single-front button cut is generally considered more suitable for tuxedos .

Satin details

The Michelangelo tuxedo is characterized by lapels, buttons and pockets made of satin.