Women's Suits

The Dalsarto Women's Suits collection embodies elegance and femininity with style. Each garment is studied in detail, offering modern designs and high quality materials. Dalsarto stands out for a versatile range, which ranges from formal clothing to more casual and fashionable options. Whether you're looking for a suit for a special occasion or a refined everyday look, our collection promises to meet the needs of the modern woman. With Dalsarto, transform every occasion into an opportunity to express your uniqueness through impeccable style.


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Smoking Canova NeroSmoking Canova Nero
Smoking Canova Nero Sale price€3.900,00
Smoking Michelangelo NeroSmoking Michelangelo Nero
Smoking Michelangelo Nero Sale price€3.900,00
Abito Modernico Viola VellutoAbito Modernico Viola Velluto
Abito Modernico Viola Velluto Sale price€2.500,00
Abito Donna Canova BluAbito Donna Canova Blu
Abito Donna Canova Blu Sale price€2.500,00
Abito Modernico Blu a QuadriAbito Modernico Blu a Quadri
Abito Modernico Blu a Quadri Sale price€2.500,00
Abito Donna Modernico GrigioAbito Donna Modernico Grigio
Abito Donna Modernico Grigio Sale price€2.500,00
Modernico Green BlazerModernico Green Blazer
Modernico Green Blazer Sale price€2.500,00
Modern Gray Pinstripe BlazerModern Gray Pinstripe Blazer
Modern Gray Pinstripe Blazer Sale price€2.500,00
Gray Pinstripe Grit SuitGray Pinstripe Grit Suit
Gray Pinstripe Grit Suit Sale price€2.500,00
Grinta Beige DressGrinta Beige Dress
Grinta Beige Dress Sale price€2.500,00
Grinta Sleeveless Beige Women's DressGrinta Sleeveless Beige Women's Dress