Men's Ceremony Suits

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Dalsarto's collection of men's ceremony suits is a hymn to elegance and refinement for formal occasions. Each piece is precisely designed, offering impeccable style with high-quality materials. Dalsarto presents a variety of formal dresses, from classic elegance to more contemporary proposals, guaranteeing a distinctive look for every special event. Whether you are attending a wedding, an official ceremony or an important event, our collection ensures a distinctive touch of class. With Dalsarto, make every formal occasion an opportunity to shine with timeless style.


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Smoking Michelangelo 3 Pezzi Blu ScuroSmoking Michelangelo 3 Pezzi Blu Scuro
Smoking Donatello 3 Pezzi Nero LucidoSmoking Donatello 3 Pezzi Nero Lucido
Smoking Bianco con RasoSmoking Bianco con Raso
Smoking Bianco con Raso Sale price€3.900,00
Smoking Nudo Michelangelo NeroSmoking Nudo Michelangelo Nero
Smoking Nudo Michelangelo Nero Sale price€3.900,00
Smoking Michelangelo Blu OpacoSmoking Michelangelo Blu Opaco
Smoking Michelangelo Blu Opaco Sale price€3.900,00
Smoking Michelangelo Blu NavySmoking Michelangelo Blu Navy
Smoking Michelangelo Blu Navy Sale price€3.900,00
Smoking Michelangelo Blu con Rever NeroSmoking Michelangelo Blu con Rever Nero
Bernini 3-piece Suit in CreamBernini 3-piece Suit in Cream
Bernini 3-piece Suit in Cream Sale price€3.250,00
Michelangelo Blue Navy TuxedoMichelangelo Blue Navy Tuxedo
Michelangelo Blue Navy Tuxedo Sale price€3.900,00
Donatello Black TuxedoDonatello Black Tuxedo
Donatello Black Tuxedo Sale price€3.900,00
Michelangelo Blue Navy SmokingMichelangelo Blue Navy Smoking
Michelangelo Blue Navy Smoking Sale price€3.900,00
Michelangelo Navy Blue Tuxedo with SatinMichelangelo Navy Blue Tuxedo with Satin
Donatello Blue Tuxedo with Satin LapelDonatello Blue Tuxedo with Satin Lapel
White Donatello Tuxedo with Blue SatinWhite Donatello Tuxedo with Blue Satin
Dark Gray Modernico SuitDark Gray Modernico Suit
Dark Gray Modernico Suit Sale price€3.900,00
Light Blue Michelangelo TuxedoLight Blue Michelangelo Tuxedo
Light Blue Michelangelo Tuxedo Sale price€3.900,00
Michelangelo Deep Blue TuxedoMichelangelo Deep Blue Tuxedo
Michelangelo Deep Blue Tuxedo Sale price€3.900,00
Dark Blue Donatello TuxedoDark Blue Donatello Tuxedo
Dark Blue Donatello Tuxedo Sale price€3.900,00
Michelangelo Blue Tuxedo with VelvetMichelangelo Blue Tuxedo with Velvet
Donatello Tuxedo Navy Blue with Black SatinDonatello Tuxedo Navy Blue with Black Satin
Pinturicchio Light Gray TightPinturicchio Light Gray Tight
Pinturicchio Light Gray Tight Sale price€4.000,00
Tight Pinturicchio Dark GrayTight Pinturicchio Dark Gray
Tight Pinturicchio Dark Gray Sale price€4.000,00
Gray Tight Pinturicchio Gray Tight Pinturicchio
Gray Tight Pinturicchio Sale price€4.000,00
Michelangelo Blue Satin TuxedoMichelangelo Blue Satin Tuxedo
Michelangelo Blue Satin Tuxedo Sale price€3.900,00