Women's Products

The Dalsarto Women's Products collection embodies elegance and feminine style. Attention to detail, high quality materials and sophisticated design characterize each garment, offering a diverse range of clothes and accessories. Whether you're looking for a formal, casual or trendy look, our collection is designed to meet the needs of the modern woman. Dalsarto promises a harmonious mix of fashion and comfort, allowing every woman to express her personality with style. With Dalsarto, elegance becomes an accessible experience for every occasion.


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Michelangelo Mauve TuxedoMichelangelo Mauve Tuxedo
Michelangelo Mauve Tuxedo Sale price€3.900,00
Water Green JacketWater Green Jacket
Water Green Jacket Sale price€1.750,00
Blue Velvet Tuxedo JacketBlue Velvet Tuxedo Jacket
Blue Velvet Tuxedo Jacket Sale price€1.750,00
Double-breasted Magenta JacketDouble-breasted Magenta Jacket
Double-breasted Magenta Jacket Sale price€1.750,00
Women's Plum Hopsack JacketWomen's Plum Hopsack Jacket
Women's Plum Hopsack Jacket Sale price€1.750,00
Double-breasted Hopsack Blue JacketDouble-breasted Hopsack Blue Jacket
Modernico Purple Velvet SuitModernico Purple Velvet Suit
Modernico Purple Velvet Suit Sale price€2.500,00
Masaccio Blue SuitMasaccio Blue Suit
Masaccio Blue Suit Sale price€2.500,00
Canova Black TuxedoCanova Black Tuxedo
Canova Black Tuxedo Sale price€3.900,00
Michelangelo Black tuxedoMichelangelo Black tuxedo
Michelangelo Black tuxedo Sale price€3.900,00
Ghiberti Black CoatGhiberti Black Coat
Ghiberti Black Coat Sale price€3.250,00
Modernico Houndstooth SuitModernico Houndstooth Suit
Modernico Houndstooth Suit Sale price€2.500,00
Women's Sportive JacketWomen's Sportive Jacket
Women's Sportive Jacket Sale price€1.750,00
Modernico Green Velvet SuitModernico Green Velvet Suit
Modernico Green Velvet Suit Sale price€2.500,00
Canova Gray Checked JacketCanova Gray Checked Jacket
Canova Gray Checked Jacket Sale price€1.750,00
Navy Blue Coat with BeltNavy Blue Coat with Belt
Navy Blue Coat with Belt Sale price€3.250,00
Brown Coat with BeltBrown Coat with Belt
Brown Coat with Belt Sale price€3.250,00
Gray Ghiberti Coat with BeltGray Ghiberti Coat with Belt
Gray Ghiberti Coat with Belt Sale price€3.250,00
Beige Coat with BeltBeige Coat with Belt
Beige Coat with Belt Sale price€3.250,00
Ghiberti Black CoatGhiberti Black Coat
Ghiberti Black Coat Sale price€3.250,00
Canova Women's Beige Suit Canova Women's Beige Suit
Canova Women's Beige Suit Sale price€2.500,00
Canova Blue Women's SuitCanova Blue Women's Suit
Canova Blue Women's Suit Sale price€2.500,00
White Shirt with Blue StripesWhite Shirt with Blue Stripes
White Shirt with Blue Stripes Sale price€350,00
Blue Silk ShirtBlue Silk Shirt
Blue Silk Shirt Sale price€350,00