Grinta 3 Piece Gray Pinstripe Suit

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Canova Gray Pinstripe Suit: Elegance and Professionalism for the Modern Business Man

Discover the excellence of the Canova Gray Pinstripe Suit, a masterpiece of style and functionality designed for the contemporary businessman. With an impeccable design and refined details, this suit stands out for its versatility and sophistication, offering a superlative option for busy workdays.

Main features:
  • Business Day Style: Perfect for the daily challenges of the professional world, the Canova Gray Pinstripe Suit adapts elegantly to any work context, giving its wearer an aura of confidence and determination.
  • Peak Lapel and Six Buttons: The refined details do not go unnoticed. Featuring peak lapels and six buttons, this suit features a sophisticated design that adds a touch of timeless class to the modern man's look.
  • Flap Pockets: Practicality meets style with this suit's flap pockets, offering a functional option for conveniently storing essentials without compromising the overall elegance of the garment.
  • Gray Pinstripe Fabric: Crafted from high quality gray pinstripe fabric, this suit offers excellent fit and comfort, ensuring you look flawless from dawn to dusk.
Why Choose the Canova Gray Pinstripe Suit:
  • Professional and Refined: The Canova Gray Pinstripe Suit embodies elegance and professionalism, offering an ideal option for men who wish to stand out in style in the business world.
  • Versatility Without Borders: From the boardroom to client meetings, this suit adapts easily to a wide range of business occasions, always ensuring a flawless impression.
  • Attention to Details and Quality Materials: Every detail of the Canova Gray Pinstripe Suit has been carefully designed to offer comfort, style and durability over time, making it a valuable investment for every man's professional wardrobe.
Whether you are facing a busy day at the office or attending important corporate meetings, the Canova Gray Pinstripe Suit is the perfect choice for men who wish to convey confidence, style and professionalism on every occasion. Discover the perfection of craftsmanship and elegance with this timeless piece, ready to elevate your business look to new levels of sophistication.

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The Canova jacket

A great classic, worn by the greatest icons of Italian and world history, the Canova jacket consists of a double-breasted suit with wide lapels, but not as wide as the Grinta model.

The result is an iconic model, forever imprinted in the minds of tailoring enthusiasts.

Hand lapel buttonhole

Handmade buttonholes are an element we are particularly proud of. The quality of our handwork is world class .

Lightweight shoulder pad

Our garments all have a light shoulder strap , sufficiently structured to give solidity to the garment, light enough to guarantee adequate mobility.

The shoulder straps can be modified according to needs.

Double-breasted cut

The double-breasted cut is suitable for multiple occasions of use. Model with a strong and decisive character, like the person who wears it.

Lily stitching

This model uses lily stitching , a type of stitching that can be done exclusively by hand , to guarantee the craftsmanship of the product.

Peak lapel

The peak lapel of the model is 11.5 cm wide, creating a balance between width and sobriety of the product.