Giotto Midnight Blue Unlined Suit

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Unlined Midnight Blue Giotto Dress: Versatile Elegance for Every Occasion

The Unlined Giotto Midnight Blue Suit is perfectly suited to both business and casual occasions. Featuring a notch lapel, two buttons and slightly slanted flap pockets, its refined style combines perfectly with comfort.

Unique Features:

  • Suitable for Business and Casual: This dress is the ideal choice for days at the office and informal events, always guaranteeing an impeccable look.
  • Notch Lapel: The notch lapel adds a touch of traditional elegance, perfect for any occasion.
  • Red Unlined Blue Fabric: Made with high quality red unlined blue fabric, this dress offers a mix of style and originality.
  • Slightly Slanted Flap Pockets: The slightly slanted flap pockets give a touch of modernity and practicality.
  • Pants with Double Pleats and Belt Loops: The pants with double pleats and belt loops offer an impeccable fit and a sophisticated look.

Timeless elegance: Choose the Unlined Giotto Midnight Blue suit to express your elegance on every occasion. Face your day with confidence and style, wearing Giotto's unmistakable elegance.

Size: 44

The Giotto jacket

The Giotto model is what can be defined as a timeless classic . The 10 cm classic lapel and the classic two-button front cut make this model a true must-have for tailoring all over the world.

Hand lapel buttonhole

Handmade buttonholes are an element we are particularly proud of. The quality of our handwork is world class .

Lightweight shoulder pad

Our garments all have a light shoulder strap , sufficiently structured to give solidity to the garment, light enough to guarantee adequate mobility.

The shoulder straps can be modified according to needs.

Two front buttons

The two-button front cut is generally considered the most versatile and suitable for a wider age range, also given the more modern look it gives to the garment.

Lily stitching

This model uses lily stitching , a type of stitching that can be done exclusively by hand , to guarantee the craftsmanship of the product.

Giotto Midnight Blue Unlined Suit